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Cathie Lee

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Sarah Walsh

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Delani Miller

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Cathie Lee

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Jessica Taylor

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Lucky Clover

Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner

Animal Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer

Association of Professional Dog Trainer Professional Member

American Kennel Club Evaluator



Owner, Training & Behavior Director Enrichment Center Manager

& Content Creator of K9 Wisdom

As the owner and trainer of K9 Wisdom Training & Consulting, Cathie is committed to providing training to her clients that establishes a lasting bond between dogs and their human companions.

She has been training dogs professionally for 15 years and is a proud dog nerd! She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, a graduate and Certified Training Partner through Karen Pryor Academy, a graduate and Certified Dog Trainer through Animal Behavior College and a Professional Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT). She is a certified AKC (American Kennel Club) Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and an APDT C.L.A.S.S. (Canine Life and Social Skills) Instructor and Evaluator. In addition, Cathie is a Mentor Trainer for CATCH Academy, where she mentors aspiring dog trainers!


Prior to opening K9 Wisdom she worked in the Training and Behavior Modification Department of a nationally recognized Humane Society. While working at the humane society she gained invaluable experience working with homeless dogs with behavior problems, conducting Behavior Evaluations/Assessments and matching the right family with the perfect dog.

After leaving the humane society she became the Training & Canine Coach Coordinator at Animal House Rescue and Grooming where she trains dogs and coaches volunteers on how to increase the adoptability in rescue dogs. The Canine Coach Class has became a huge success, and as of February 2017 Cathie is training 25 K9 Coaches and 10 Advanced K9 Coaches on proper training techniques, dog behavior, teaching manners and proper handling of shelter dogs. Cathie's main goal for the K9 Coach Class is to set dogs up in finding and staying in their forever home. The program improves dogs chances of being adopted through training and manners.

Cathie has an enthusiastic devotion to keeping current on "all things dog". In doing so she is able to provide an unsurpassed training experience to her clients, while helping their four legged friends learn how to be well mannered and appropriate. She pursues ongoing continued education by attending seminars throughout the year and keeps current on all new canine literature.

She believes dogs learn behaviors best with humane training methods. She values and believes in the power of relationship-based training and uses it as the core when working with clients and their K9 best friends. Knowing all dogs (and owners!) learn differently she uses training styles that work for the individual dog/owner team, setting every client up for success! She utilizes Mark and Reward based training as she feels this opens up the line of communication between owner and dogs and speeds up learning!

When not helping clients learn how to live in harmony with their canine companions, Cathie spends her time with her family and three, very spoiled, canine best friends - Stitch (Staffordshire Bull Terrier), Clover (Australian Shepherd) and Ska-Dawg (Australian Shepherd).


Delani was born and raised in Fort Collins. As a CSU alum with a degree in Zoology, she has a passion for animal behavior.


Previously she helped train mountain lions, bobcats, pronghorn and bighorn sheep! Delani has spent the last four years studying to become a certified professional dog trainer. She has earned her KPA-CTP through Karen Pryor Academy and has also graduated from K9 Wisdom's K9 Coach shelter dog class! 


She has been in the animal care field for over ten years and has been employed as a kennel technician in daycare and boarding for five.


If she's not with dogs, chances are you will find her with her horses, adventuring with friends, on a mountain side sketching or traveling to continue her education in the animal training and behavior field!








Sarah has always had a passion for animals and a soft spot for dogs! She is originally from California but moved to Colorado for college. There she earned her bachelor's degree in Zoology and discovered her talent for dog training! 


Sarah worked for a few years at Animal House Rescue and Grooming, and through the K9 Coaches program met Cathie. Over the next several years, she was with K9 Wisdom mentoring under Cathie and learning how to become a professional dog trainer. During that time, she earned her KPA-CTP certification through Karen Pryor Academy as well as her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers. 


This past year was spent in Milwaukee, getting additional experience with training dogs, but she is now back! Sarah is very excited to re-join Cathie's team as her new Supervisor. She hopes to assist Cathie in expanding her business goals, as well as continuing to advance her training skills along the way.








Certified Dog Trainer

Jessica has always had a love for dogs, growing up with many different dogs throughout her childhood.  From a very young age, she wanted to become a veterinarian and in search of that goal she became incredibly involved in her high school’s local FFA chapter where she raised rabbits, chickens, and goats.  She also began working as a veterinary assistant while in high school and a year after graduating she moved to Fort Collins to further her dream.  Shortly after moving Jessica acquired a position at a local dog grooming/daycare facility where she rediscovered her love of dogs and her passion for industry.  Shortly after, she decided that she wanted to become a dog groomer and she also rescued her very own dog, a Border Collie whom she named Zappa.  Whilst grooming and competing in agility with her dog, Jessica realized the need for compassionate groomers in her area.  Many of the dogs that she groomed were very nervous and some were even aggressive, having been turned away from other groomers for their behaviour.  It was then that Jessica realized that training and grooming should go hand in hand and she started offering to take the time needed to help some of these dogs adjust to the grooming environment.  Jessica has met with great success in her grooming of difficult to handle dogs and believes that every dog deserves to make a choice and it’s their guardians job to help them make the right choice, grooming is no exception.


In 2013, Jessica adopted another Border Collie mix, Opie, that she hoped to do agility with.  After attempting some foundation classes that didn’t go so well for them, Jessica discovered that Opie had hip dysplasia.  At the advice of a friend, Jessica started taking Nosework classes with him in January of 2015. She was hoping to use it as a way to harness his diligent use of his nose and to help build their relationship.  After discovering the game of Nosework and how much her dog enjoyed it, she was hooked and decided to enter Opie in his first ORT (Odor Recognition Test), where he passed 2 of his target odors.  A few months later Opie was entered in his first Nosework trial.  After seeing how Opie loved playing at the trial, Jessica was inspired to become an instructor of this wonderful sport that had broadened and strengthened her and Opie's relationship.  She started self teaching her other dog, Zappa, along with a few friends and their dogs. After getting a taste for teaching others and seeing how her students dogs blossomed she decided that she wanted to make her instructing official and signed up to attend the CNWI program through the National Association of Canine Scent Work.  Jessica has finished the 1st half of the program and is looking forward to attending the 2nd half in December of 2016 where she will become a full fledged CNWI.


Certified Nose Work Instructor







Molly is a passionate animal welfare advocate, who believes that every dog deserves a full belly, a warm place to sleep and a life free from physical harm. She grew up in a family of committed rescue advocates, with a myriad of dogs and cats with behavior issues. She also took great joy in helping her uncle train his service dogs over the years. She’s set out to help dogs better understand and navigate life as companion animals, and to help people understand and love dogs for the incredible creatures they are. Her main goals are reducing pet overpopulation and the number of animals surrendered to shelters, and increasing successful adoptions. 


  • 2010 Graduated from Colorado State University with degrees in Epistemology and Eastern Religious Studies 

  • 2011-2016 Volunteer for Animal House Rescue and Grooming 

  • 2013 Graduated from K9 Coach training program 

  • 2013 Started “Good Dog!” Walking and Sitting LLC, providing pet sitting and dog walking for rescued dogs with behavior needs 

  • 2016 to Date - Teaching group classes and private lessons with K9 Wisdom Training and Consulting LLC. 

  • 2018 to Date - Board member, Secretary and Lead Trainer for Until They’re Home

  • 2018 to Date - Enrolled at The Academy For Dog Trainers

Certified Nose Work Instructor



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