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exclusive membership is required

cost: $100/ year



  1. the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.



A unique & individualized

Customized Training Plan

Your dog's training plan will be customized regularly and updated as your dog's training skills improve with each visit to the Enrichment Center! Professional dog trainers will evaluate your dog and create a rock star plan!



Weekly spots for your dog!

Membership guarantees your dog will have a designated spot on the days of the week you enroll in! No guessing and no last minute scheduling! It's just one less thing to stress about in your busy world! 


Owner training matters!

Discount on group classes

Membership includes a discount on any group class you take with your dog! Continued learning at home is what will solidify everything our trainers will be teaching your dog! This way you'll be on the same page!



Tailored Enrichment & Exercise

Enrichment Plans

Each dog is an individual! We will create a customized and tailored enrichment and exercise plan that is right for your dog! Daily stuffed Kongs, fetch, tug, find-it games, puzzle toys and mentally stimulating training activities are all included in your dog's daily stay! There's no extra charges for these services, and we tailor it to your dog's individual needs!

Man and His Dog

Sniffari & Decompression Walks

Nature & Training Walks

Does your dog pull on leash? Come unglued at the sight of a rabbit? Bark at dogs or people on leash? We'll work with that along your dog's daily walks!


We'll also provide mentally stimulating Sniffari and Decompression Walks to reduce stress and allow your dog to be a dog! In addition, we'll work with distraction training when on leash!


A full day of training! YES!


Did we mention your dogs will be spending their day with certified professional dog trainers? Every thing we'll be doing with your dog will have a training component and goal in mind! Sit, down, stay, behavior problems, heel, boundary training, reactivity, nose work, manners, impulse control, trick training and other cues will be our daily mantra!


Dogs with trainer

Appropriate & Supervised Safe Play

Off Leash Play Time!

Play time is a lot of fun for dogs, and it's vital for many dog's well being to be allowed to engage in appropriate play with other dogs! Our playgroups are fully supervised with 1 trainer watching over 5 dogs! State regulation is 1 daycare attendee per 15 dogs, and is average in the industry! Your VIP Membership includes controlled playgroups with other dogs that are similar in size, have a similar play style and temperament as your dog! No out of control or minimally supervised dog play here! 

Running playgroups this way allows for a safe and beneficial play between dogs and their friends! 

Sleeping Dogs

Ahhh ... Nap Time! Zzzzzz....

Naps with Pacifiers!

Spend just a moment and think about your dog's daily routine when you are home ... 

Most likely it is something along the lines of Wake up | Potty | Eat | Play | Sleep | Wake up | Potty | Play | Sleep | Play | Eat | Potty | Sleep | Play | Sleep

Dogs do a lot of sleeping! It's their natural cycle! Your dog's well being is the most important part of the Enrichment Center! Daily naps with a stuffed Kong are daily requirements for our daycare dogs! We want our Center to be your dog's home away from home! Not a night club that makes them exhausted the next day!

Funny Pitbull Portrait

Happy Dog. Happy Life!

A Happy Dog!

Our Enrichment Center Doggy Daycare will be your dog's home away from home! Your dog's best interest, safety, well being, required mental stimulation and training needs are all taken into consideration with all dogs who join the Center! No two dogs are alike, and no day will be the same for a dog in our care! It is truly a customized program!

Membership includes peace of mind for you, the owner, knowing you are leaving your dog with true professionals who will take care of your dog just like you would at home ... with the benefit of having a better behaved dog!  


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