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@ our heated & air conditioned training facility in Berthoud Colorado

Individual  training for you & your CANINE sidekick.


Customized Training Plan: 

For dogs 6 months and older, and for owners who want or need a truly customized training plan tailored for your individual dog! We will  teach your dog the skills needed to fit into your unique lifestyle, and help you learn how to be the best dog owner you can be! This package teaches customized basic to advance skills, tricks, off leash control and other behaviors and cues you'd like to help your dog learn in a safe, upbeat training course!


Initial Consult: $225


Package Cost: $1090

Length: 6 Sessions

Package Cost: $925

Length: 5 Sessions

Each Customized Training Package comes with a free Customized Training E-Book and a Customized Membership Page on our website tailored to you and your dog!

Package Cost: $760

Length: 4 Sessions

Package Cost: $575

Length: 3 Sessions


Packages may require an initial consult to determine the correct placement for you & your dog. Email us at
cathie to find out if an assessment during an initial consultation is needed for your dog!

Consult Fee: $175

Head Start Puppy Manners: 


For puppies 3 months of age and younger. Jump start on proper socialization and start your puppy off on the right paw by teaching your new puppy his name and begin learning the basic commands; sit, down, and stay. Puppy Manners helps with proper socialization while giving you information and training techniques on: crate training, house training, puppy nipping, inappropriate chewing and other puppy behaviors. 


Price: $425

Length: 3 Sessions

Beyond Basics: 


6 months, plus. The Beyond Basics class offers the right amount of training, continued socialization and discussion topics of troublesome behaviors. This class covers; Loose-leash-walking, working walk, heel, sit, down, a release word, leave-it, how to get your dog's attention, not to door dart, to settle on cue, and to come when called. This class will set you up to succeed in reaching your goals with your dog.


Price: $750

Length: 5 Sessions

Puppy Kindergarten: 


3 1/2 - 6 months of age. Continues on proper socialization and help with puppy behaviors while taking the basic commands (sit, down and stay) further with learning a marker, the release cue, no reward marker. Also teaches leave-it, drop-it and includes two customized behaviors.


Price: $750

Length: 5 Sessions

Intermediate Obedience: 


Distance, duration and distraction will be added to what your dog learned in the Beyond Basics class. Continued manners training, taking basic obedience to the next level, teaching impulse control, and cues to refocus your dog during distractions & when the doorbell rings!


Price: $750

Length: 5 Sessions

Advanced Obedience:


We will polish all your dog's commands learned in previous classes, while adding more challenging cues and training skills. Distraction training is a main focus point in this class, as well as teaching impulse control, problem solving troublesome behaviors and so much more!


Price: $750

Length: 5 Sessions


Jekyll & Hyde Canine Syndrome -

On Leash Reactivity Course: 


his one on one training package course helps dogs who bark, lunge, growl and become defensive in the presence of other dogs on leash. The dog learns how to behave appropriately on leash in the presence of other dogs, and to look to their owner for guidance. This course helps the owner understand On Leash Reactivity and Aggression and how to help their dog in times of need.

Consultation & Assessment Fee: $225

Package Cost: $990

Length: 6 sessions

Wallflower Pup - Confident Canine Course:


This is course helps dogs who are wary, apprehensive, fearful and or fearful aggressive towards people, environments or other animals. The course helps the owner understand fearful and timid behavior, fear aggression, and helps the timid and shy dog by teaching them that the "big scary world" with people and other animals is nothing to be scared of! This course helps owners learn how to help their dogs become confident and less fearful in normal, every day situations. This course helps the owner understand why their dog is timid, and how to help their fearful, timid and shy dog overcome their fears!

Consultation & Assessment Fee: $225


Price: $825

Length: 5 individual sessions

Individual  training for you & your CANINE sidekick.

We come to you & cover each training sessions in the comfort of your own home! Training doesn't get any easier than this!


Looking for In Home


Pick a package above from our Private Training Packages & when emailing us ask specifically for In Home Sessions!

There is an extra  $100 fee added to In Home Packages.

In Home Training


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