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Adoption Workshop classes are currently postponed due to COVID. Please check back later!


• Did you recently adopt a rescue or shelter dog and are needing answers to problems such as jumping, nipping and house training?

• Would you like to increase your bond with your dog?

• Are you looking to teach your dog to sit, lie down, stand and walk with a loose leash?

• Are you curious how to use a clicker?

• Are you wondering if a group class or private training would be of benefit for you and your dog?


If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions then this workshop is for you! This is a workshop for dog owners and provides the beginning steps to dog ownership, basic training and bonding with your new dog. 


K9 Coach Class

The K9 Coach Class is a 12 week shelter training course taught and designed by Cathie Lee of K9 Wisdom. The class focuses on improving your dog-handling skills, learning how to teach shelter dogs basic obedience cues, working with dogs in need of behavior modification work and improving the adoptability of the dogs at Animal House Rescue and Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado.

By joining this class you will be helping the dogs learn manners and will be helping the dogs overcome behavior issues! Because of your help, the dogs will be more successful in finding their forever homes and will have a better chance at remaining in their new homes because they will have learned to be well-mannered canine citizens!

We will be working with dogs in need of:

• Basic obedience
• Manners
• Polite leash walking habits
• Mental Stimulation

We will also be helping the dogs in need of behavior modification. We will be working with dogs with behavior issues such as;

• Anxiety issues
• High arousal dogs
• On-leash reactivity/frustration/aggression
• Dogs in need of specialized socialization
• Resource guarding behavior
• Help for the shy, timid or deficit dogs

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Cathie, owner of K9 Wisdom, offers discounted consulting services to Shelters & Rescues who need help!


Cathie worked in the Behavior & Modification Training Department at a renowned shelter for many years! Her heart lies with the rescue dogs, and she'd love to help you and your rescue!


K9 Wisdom has many services that can help, and all it takes is the initial email! 

We can help your foster parents succeed with behavior problems through our wide range of group classes and individual sessions!

In addition, we provide post-adoption services and help to our rescue/shelter partners!

Let's team up to  help save Rescue Dogs!

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