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I honestly cannot say enough good things about Cathie! She is AMAZING with dogs with (any type) of behavioral issues! From a shy, under-socialized dog to an aggressive, reactive dog. Not only is she an amazing dog trainer, she is smart, funny, gracious and patient. On top of all this, she is an excellent communicator! In addition to being an AMAZING DOG TRAINER for K9 Wisdom, Cathie donates her time at the Animal House Rescue to coaching volunteers in helping the dogs there learn good behavioral skills so that they can become more adoptable! How COOL is that! and so important for these shelter dogs! I am fortunate enough to be one of her students and the skills Cathie has taught me will stay with me a long time! If you are in need of learning some dog training skills for your dog and teaching your dog GOOD BEHAVIOR you won't regret a minute of your time with Cathie!

Dana Horne


Paul Raucci

"Cathie made me, and especially my dog, Prescott, feel comfortable. This meant a lot because Prescott is a rescue dog that came in with life-threatening issues, some behavior issues, and overcame severe separation anxiety. He seemed lost and insecure. Who knows what his past was but his life with us is all new to him. Our family thought training, even at age 8, would boost his confidence and help build a bond and help him adjust and feel at home.She was friendly, took time to meet Prescott and make sure he was comfortable before moving on.We not only learned lot’s in class, but we had fun. Cathie is good at what she does and makes it fun and has a good sense of humor."

"Two paws up for K9 Wisdom! If you want to develop the best, most positive friendship with your dog, Cathie Lee is the trainer for you!  Using positive methods, in classes sometimes having dogs with issues, Cathie offers immediate suggestions to solve problems and provides continuous support.   All lessons are sent by email and are extremely helpful.  Whether your dog is learning basic manners, understanding how to be obedient, learning tricks, or working through issues, both of your lives will be better for it.  My dogs have so much fun with their All-Star Adventure friends!  K9 Wisdom Training facility offers lots of space and a store from Hank's Pet Food Market, as well.  You'll love the journey!"

Olivia Tremblay

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Karla & Matt

"The dog training service provided by Cathie is truly personalized! She takes the time to get to know the specifics of each week's problems or progress. Cathie is truly skilled in what she does, watching her demeanor towards the dog is amazing! When Jack first came home he was extremely anxious. He was scared of everything, including other dogs, people, and children. We decided to get customized training from K9 Wisdom since we were not sure how Jack would behave in a training session with multiple other dogs. We started noticing early on that he really enjoyed his training times and his personality changed entirely. He gained a lot of confidence in his skills and he started trusting us. Jack learned a solid "sit" on the first week, and after that he started enjoying learning different things as he saw our excitement during training sessions. Cathie taught us several obedience tricks including the 'door routine', which is possibly every dog owner's dream, in addition to good behavior, we also taught Jack several tricks for show such as roll over, play dead, etc. He now knows how to behave well around other dogs, and he can control his willingness to go play with other dogs when we tell him to stay, and will wait for our release cue "all done" before getting up! Jack seems to be a happier dog now and he likes to show us his tricks, and appears to feel that we understand his needs. "


Cathie is the best!!! I have a 2 year old Sheltie who was extremely reactive on-the-leash around other dogs when I first brought her to Cathie. The improvement in my dog's behavior to date is spectacular! Cathie is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient and friendly. She provides you a weekly, written program with incremental steps that build on themselves to help you achieve success. In addition, she is always available via e-mail/text to answer questions. My dog and I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and we now have a set of skills and techniques we can use for life. I wholeheartedly recommend Cathie's services whether you have a problem dog like mine or you have a new puppy that you're just looking to teach the basics to. Her methods really work!!

Chris & Layla


Cathie is the best trainer we have ever worked with! We have owned 6 dogs over the last 30 years and worked with several different trainers. She is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate training methods effectively and in a fun way! We have done several classes with our two current rescue dogs and everyone who meets them comments on how well behaved they are. I love her heart for rescue dog, since that's my favorite kind of dog. Highly recommend her all the time to everyone I know.


Rio and I have taken the Beyond Basics and All-Star classes, and just graduated from Cathie’s Rowdy Rovers class. He’s now a joy to walk and we’ve both learned how to stay calm in stressful situations. So much of helping Rio depended on training me, and Cathie is patient, encouraging and truly has a gift for understanding and working with dogs (and humans!). Thank you Cathie! Your classes are fantastic!


Being a single dog parent of two rescue pups with their own unique issues, I knew formal training was vital. Cathie came highly recommended from the dog's foster Mom, and after an initial consultation, I instantly realized why.

Cathie utilizes scientifically proven training methods to yield measurable, rewarding results in dog's behavior. She doesn’t promise the world and is a straightforward, practical instructor. Cathie's guidance and willingness to help on an individual basis is also tremendous. Yes, my dogs are better behaved, and our daily training regimen is fantastic and fulfilling; however, the resultant increased bond we've built is what truly made the courses at K9 Wisdom 5+ stars.

Additionally, Cathie educates you, as an owner, on foundational dog behavior and psychology. My fundamental, everyday approach to my dogs has dramatically changed. Every interaction is a training opportunity, and the impact is incredible. All our lives have benefited – both at and outside the home.

Make no mistake, you're only going to get as much out of training as you put into it outside the weekly facility hours. Positive reinforcement is a training tool, not a magic wand. You must commit to a lifestyle change to truly experience the results. If you’re serious about helping your dogs, building a bond and learning how to be a better owner, K9 Wisdom is the perfect conduit to success. On behalf of Mesa and Otis, thank you, Cathie Lee!

Hank Dougherty - Otis & Mesa


Cathie & K9 Wisdom has been a lifesaver for me and my dog Tyson. Tyson was adopted & at 10 mths started being extremely fearful & reactive to people. Cathie trained both Tyson and me on how to appropriately deal with his fears and taught me what I could do to help him gain confidence. He has made so much progress since we started working together & I can't recommend her highly enough!


Cathie is the best! Her understanding of dog communication and ability to explain to the owner appropriate and inappropriate "talk" between dogs is great


Cathie is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend her to anyone, whatever issues they are experiencing with their dog. I was very impressed at how in-tune to my dog's mental state and motivations Cathie was. She was able to quickly assess my dog and develop a plan of action that produced results. She REALLY knows her stuff.

She was very knowledgeable on modern dog training techniques and didn't use methods based on outdated beliefs. Her methods are force-free and will help to build a better relationship with your dog in the process.

I also appreciated that she was very easy to talk to, and was able to explain things in a way that made sense. She was really fun to work with.

Carrie Carlson


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